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The story of how Eddy Martinez opened Beijing Bistro in Buda starts in Manor.

The landlord of a new commercial center in Buda at FM 967 and FM 1626 came into Martinez's Manor restaurant in 2015 and ordered lunch.That day, he offered Martinez a spot at his new development.

"I guess he liked it", Martinez said. Martinez, who co-owns the bistro along with Marino Alvarado, opened the Buda restaurant in mid-2015. He said the restaurant has gained popularity with customers because it takes classic American Chinese food recipes and tweaks the recipes slightly.

"It's almost the same like everyone else but we try to change our recipes with little touches," he said. "I think the customers like it."

Martinez and Alvarado have been working in restaurants together since 1995 and in that time have formed a close bond, Martinez said. The pair worked together at Chinese food restaurants throughout Austin in the late 90's and early 2000's. When Martinez decided he wanted to open a restaurant of his own, Alvarado joined him.

The restaurant's most popular item is the sesame chicken entrée, Martinez said. The dish is made with dark meat and served with a side of rice.

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